Still Waters

The Dalish Curse, Part 1

The party stumbles onto a murder scene.

En route to the Ruswold Valley, the group neared the village of Vintiver, where they found a scene of destruction at the Fuldor family farm just outside the village. The inhabitants of the farm lay dead, savagely killed by some monster or beast. After chasing away a few stray wolves, the group investigated the farm to find a gravely wounded Dalish woman hiding in the barn. They carried her to Vintiver and left her with Sister Arda at the village chantry to recuperate. Upon leaving the chantry, they encountered Coalan, the village blacksmith with a violent grudge against the Dalish, and a group of his friends, eventually managing to talk the mob out of violence but not before Coalan hurled a few anti-elven slurs at Salome. After resting a bit at the inn, they met Tarl Dale, the sheriff of Vintiver. Salome and Dale immediately bonded over their shared respect for the Dalish, and Dale informed them that the Dalish woman had finally awoken. The group returned to the chantry, where the woman greeted them and introduced herself as Eshara. She explained what had happened – her clan had been attacked by a creature known as Mythallen, and she had been one of the few to escape, running towards the farm. Mythallen and its followers had pursued her and slaughtered the Fuldor family, wounding her and leaving her for dead. Eshara pleaded with the group to save her clan, and they agreed to help…



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