Still Waters

The Order of the Stilled Tongue, Part 1

The party meets amidst cultists and creepiness.

The group encountered each other by happenstance on the shadowy streets of Denerim as they stumbled upon two members of the Order of the Stilled Tongue conveying their latest eight-year-old victim to an unknown location. After Evangeline offended the male half of the pair by insulting Ferelden, the group fought and killed the two cultists. After discovering and for some reason pocketing a child’s tongue and a slip of paper with a circled address, they were met by Captain Braedon and his fellow members of Lady Nicola Baranti‘s guard, who told them about the Order’s modus operandi and directed the group to an address on the paper located on Tern Street. The group arrived at the address and killed four cultists and an apostate who were trying to murder a couple and kidnap their young daughter to be an “offering”. They found another slip of paper that directed them to Cooper Lane, where Braedon and his men went. With Evangeline and Salome pretending to be injured cultists and Drica feigning unconsciousness as their child victim, the group gained entry to the Order’s sanctum, where they encountered a mysterious, sharply perceptive woman whom the cultists referred to as Mother Brianna. The group killed the cultists, and the adventurers took a moment to decide their next moveā€¦



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