Still Waters

The Order of the Stilled Tongue, Part 2/A Warm Welcome

The party attends a fancy dinner.

After some discussion as to the right course to take, the group charged upstairs and killed Mother Brianna, rescuing a grateful Braedon and his men in the process. Evangeline then invited her new friends back to her rooms at the Gilded Lantern to rest. The next morning, the group was awakened by a messenger from Lady Nicola, inviting them to dinner with her that evening and offering them new clothes as a reward. Clad in their new outfits, Evangeline, Salome, and Drica were escorted to the Baranti estate, where a grateful Lady Nicola awaited. During the dinner,

  • Lady Nicola’s grandson Adric flaunted his disapproval of the arranged marriage his grandmother had planned for him by showing off his latest paramour.
  • Evangeline took an interest in a confused (but definitely intrigued) Braedon.
  • Salome distrusted Lady Nicola’s dwarven assistant, Bando, immediately. Bando could not have cared less about Salome’s mistrust – he was far too busy planning Lady Nicola’s upcoming ball, where Adric’s engagement was to be announced.

Finally, at the end of the evening, Lady Nicola offered her patronage to the group in exchange for a few favors to be performed on her behalf – for starters, going to assist her friend Bann Trumhall in the Ruswold Valley with a problem he was having. The group agreed immediately, as it would be beneficial to have such a powerful and well-loved ally on their side. Once Evangeline had extracted a promise from Braedon that the two would go horseback riding together once she returned to the city, the three departed for the Ruswold Valley…



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