Still Waters

A Bann Too Many, Part 4/Loose Ends
The party returns to Denerim and finds love.

After killing Blacktail, the group convinced the villagers to stop their revolution and reinstate Krole as bann, allowing a shellshocked Trumhall (who had technically not done anything wrong, having been under mind control) to leave the Ruswold Valley and start a new life somewhere else. Evangeline decided to throw a ball at Manor Krole to celebrate Krole’s reinstatement, and spent the next day planning the festivities and making a chandelier out of all of Krole’s spoons, while Salome, Drica, and Sigmund assisted Trumhall in packing up his things and heading off to start a quiet new life in Vintiver. The “under the sea” themed ball was a success, and almost everyone got riproaring drunk. Even Skippy.

The group then headed back to Denerim and received their reward from a pleased Lady Nicola, who appreciated that they had gone so far as to establish Krole as a trading partner for her. Evangeline went to see Braedon, and the two made a date for that night to see a popular musical play about a secretly apostate queen who accidentally plunged her kingdom into eternal winter, though they ended up leaving partway through and going for a horseback ride outside the city. Salome met up with Tarl Dale and the two went out to a tavern. Drica dragged Sigmund along with her to look at the Baranti guard armory, though Sigmund eventually escaped and accompanied Evangeline to find a dress for her date at the shop of a dwarf named Ragnar Traken. Drica and Salome also sold their horses and bought mabaris, and Salome left the hat she had found in Waldric’s camp at the Wonders of Thedas in hopes that the Tranquil proprietor might be able to figure out why it seemed so strange. After their activities in the city, the group awoke the next day at The Gilded Lantern feeling refreshed and ready for their next adventure…

A Bann Too Many, Part 3
The party learns new information and incites a peasant rebellion.
A Bann Too Many, Part 2
The party gets involved in local politics and gains a new member.
The Dalish Curse, Part 3/A Bann Too Many, Part 1
The party wraps up their adventure in Vintiver and moves on.
The Dalish Curse, Part 2
The party makes a shocking discovery.

The group set out into the forest searching for any sign of where Mythallen might have taken the Dalish. Eventually, they came upon the clan’s camp, which was ransacked and empty but did not seem to have any dead elves. Evangeline befriended a halla at the camp and named her Merrill. As they were investigating the camp and the sun began to set, twisted creatures emerged from the forest and attacked them. Once they had defeated the creatures, they were shocked as in death their monstrous forms reverted back to those of the Dalish…

The Dalish Curse, Part 1
The party stumbles onto a murder scene.

En route to the Ruswold Valley, the group neared the village of Vintiver, where they found a scene of destruction at the Fuldor family farm just outside the village. The inhabitants of the farm lay dead, savagely killed by some monster or beast. After chasing away a few stray wolves, the group investigated the farm to find a gravely wounded Dalish woman hiding in the barn. They carried her to Vintiver and left her with Sister Arda at the village chantry to recuperate. Upon leaving the chantry, they encountered Coalan, the village blacksmith with a violent grudge against the Dalish, and a group of his friends, eventually managing to talk the mob out of violence but not before Coalan hurled a few anti-elven slurs at Salome. After resting a bit at the inn, they met Tarl Dale, the sheriff of Vintiver. Salome and Dale immediately bonded over their shared respect for the Dalish, and Dale informed them that the Dalish woman had finally awoken. The group returned to the chantry, where the woman greeted them and introduced herself as Eshara. She explained what had happened – her clan had been attacked by a creature known as Mythallen, and she had been one of the few to escape, running towards the farm. Mythallen and its followers had pursued her and slaughtered the Fuldor family, wounding her and leaving her for dead. Eshara pleaded with the group to save her clan, and they agreed to help…

The Order of the Stilled Tongue, Part 2/A Warm Welcome
The party attends a fancy dinner.

After some discussion as to the right course to take, the group charged upstairs and killed Mother Brianna, rescuing a grateful Braedon and his men in the process. Evangeline then invited her new friends back to her rooms at the Gilded Lantern to rest. The next morning, the group was awakened by a messenger from Lady Nicola, inviting them to dinner with her that evening and offering them new clothes as a reward. Clad in their new outfits, Evangeline, Salome, and Drica were escorted to the Baranti estate, where a grateful Lady Nicola awaited. During the dinner,

  • Lady Nicola’s grandson Adric flaunted his disapproval of the arranged marriage his grandmother had planned for him by showing off his latest paramour.
  • Evangeline took an interest in a confused (but definitely intrigued) Braedon.
  • Salome distrusted Lady Nicola’s dwarven assistant, Bando, immediately. Bando could not have cared less about Salome’s mistrust – he was far too busy planning Lady Nicola’s upcoming ball, where Adric’s engagement was to be announced.

Finally, at the end of the evening, Lady Nicola offered her patronage to the group in exchange for a few favors to be performed on her behalf – for starters, going to assist her friend Bann Trumhall in the Ruswold Valley with a problem he was having. The group agreed immediately, as it would be beneficial to have such a powerful and well-loved ally on their side. Once Evangeline had extracted a promise from Braedon that the two would go horseback riding together once she returned to the city, the three departed for the Ruswold Valley…

The Order of the Stilled Tongue, Part 1
The party meets amidst cultists and creepiness.

The group encountered each other by happenstance on the shadowy streets of Denerim as they stumbled upon two members of the Order of the Stilled Tongue conveying their latest eight-year-old victim to an unknown location. After Evangeline offended the male half of the pair by insulting Ferelden, the group fought and killed the two cultists. After discovering and for some reason pocketing a child’s tongue and a slip of paper with a circled address, they were met by Captain Braedon and his fellow members of Lady Nicola Baranti‘s guard, who told them about the Order’s modus operandi and directed the group to an address on the paper located on Tern Street. The group arrived at the address and killed four cultists and an apostate who were trying to murder a couple and kidnap their young daughter to be an “offering”. They found another slip of paper that directed them to Cooper Lane, where Braedon and his men went. With Evangeline and Salome pretending to be injured cultists and Drica feigning unconsciousness as their child victim, the group gained entry to the Order’s sanctum, where they encountered a mysterious, sharply perceptive woman whom the cultists referred to as Mother Brianna. The group killed the cultists, and the adventurers took a moment to decide their next move…


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