Still Waters

A Bann Too Many, Part 4/Loose Ends

The party returns to Denerim and finds love.

After killing Blacktail, the group convinced the villagers to stop their revolution and reinstate Krole as bann, allowing a shellshocked Trumhall (who had technically not done anything wrong, having been under mind control) to leave the Ruswold Valley and start a new life somewhere else. Evangeline decided to throw a ball at Manor Krole to celebrate Krole’s reinstatement, and spent the next day planning the festivities and making a chandelier out of all of Krole’s spoons, while Salome, Drica, and Sigmund assisted Trumhall in packing up his things and heading off to start a quiet new life in Vintiver. The “under the sea” themed ball was a success, and almost everyone got riproaring drunk. Even Skippy.

The group then headed back to Denerim and received their reward from a pleased Lady Nicola, who appreciated that they had gone so far as to establish Krole as a trading partner for her. Evangeline went to see Braedon, and the two made a date for that night to see a popular musical play about a secretly apostate queen who accidentally plunged her kingdom into eternal winter, though they ended up leaving partway through and going for a horseback ride outside the city. Salome met up with Tarl Dale and the two went out to a tavern. Drica dragged Sigmund along with her to look at the Baranti guard armory, though Sigmund eventually escaped and accompanied Evangeline to find a dress for her date at the shop of a dwarf named Ragnar Traken. Drica and Salome also sold their horses and bought mabaris, and Salome left the hat she had found in Waldric’s camp at the Wonders of Thedas in hopes that the Tranquil proprietor might be able to figure out why it seemed so strange. After their activities in the city, the group awoke the next day at The Gilded Lantern feeling refreshed and ready for their next adventure…



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